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Abortion in Massachusetts, US – Rates and How to Cover These Expenses?

Abortion in Massachusetts, US - Rates and How to Cover These ExpensesThe number of abortion clinics in Massachusetts has dropped dramatically in recent years: 78 in 1982; 64 in 1992; and 14 in 2014. In 2014, 19,354 legal abortions were performed in the Commonwealth. Massachusetts has an active abortion rights community. In May 2019, a march took place in support of abortion rights. The state was a leader in anti-abortion activities in the late 19th century and 1920s. There have also been cases of anti-abortion rights violations resulting in death in the state.

Free birth control correlates with fewer teenage pregnancies and fewer abortions. This connection was found in a 2014 New England Journal of Medicine study. At the same time, a 2011 study by the Center for Reproductive Rights also found that states with more abortion restrictions have higher maternal mortality rates, higher rates of uninsured pregnant women, higher infant and child mortality rates, and higher rates of abuse, drugs and alcohol use among adolescents; and lower cancer screening rates.

According to a 2017 report by the Center for Reproductive Rights and Ibis Reproductive Health, efforts to overcome additional constraints on women’s ability to access legal abortion are constrained by policies to support women’s health, maternal health, and child health. These states also tended to resist the expansion of Medicaid, family leave, medical leave, and sex education in public schools. The states have laws to protect women’s right to access abortion services and have the lowest infant mortality rates in the United States. (more…)

What Should I Buy at the Pharmacy to Make Pregnancy Easy?

What Should I Buy at the Pharmacy to Make Pregnancy Easy

Below are the top 10 preparations, devices and accessories to make 9 months of pregnancy easy and comfortable. Everything can be ordered at an online pharmacy. In this article, we will also review the best online pharmacy for ordering pregnancy items online.

10 products that make pregnancy easier

Pregnancy test

The first step is to determine if you are pregnant. This can be done at home: – using the simplest test strips or more modern and understandable digital devices. If you see two stripes or “+” – it’s time to see a doctor.

Folic acid

In order to reduce the risk of fetal malformations, expectant mothers are recommended to take folic acid from the first days of pregnancy. This is vitamin B9 that affects the fact that the fetus is formed healthy at almost all stages of pregnancy. This substance is not produced by the human body, therefore it has to be obtained only from the outside. (more…)