Baby Bottle Campaign

Catholic Charities Baby Bottle Campaign is a great community service project which is held every year. It helps pregnant women and women with babies choose adoption or parenting instead of abortion. They may be having a difficult life situation due to loss of job/home, alcohol/drug dependency, or mental health, but with your support Catholic Charities will be able to help.

With the Baby Bottle Campaign, baby bottles are taken home and filled with coins, currency, and checks through the month of October.

The collected funds go into Catholic Charities’ Mother and Child Assistance Fund, which was created to help pregnant women and women with babies from a pregnancy center get assistance for rent, utilities, medical care, education, child care, and more after working with one of Catholic Charities’ Pregnancy, Parenting, and Adoption Social Workers.

Bottles and campaign materials are given free of charge by baby bottle organizations to all participants.

The BabyBottle Campaign is a great way to make difference simply by filling a baby bottle whether the conservative way. It may seem like a small thing to fill up a bottle with some change, but this small thing will help those who need help in our community. Catholic Charities can provide HELP but your investment provides HOPE.

Now you can Donate online!

or mail your donation to:

Catholic Charities Baby Bottle Campaign
PO Box 379
Winona, MN 55987