What Should I Buy at the Pharmacy to Make Pregnancy Easy?

What Should I Buy at the Pharmacy to Make Pregnancy Easy

Below are the top 10 preparations, devices and accessories to make 9 months of pregnancy easy and comfortable. Everything can be ordered at an online pharmacy. In this article, we will also review the best online pharmacy for ordering pregnancy items online.

10 products that make pregnancy easier

Pregnancy test

The first step is to determine if you are pregnant. This can be done at home: – using the simplest test strips or more modern and understandable digital devices. If you see two stripes or “+” – it’s time to see a doctor.

Folic acid

In order to reduce the risk of fetal malformations, expectant mothers are recommended to take folic acid from the first days of pregnancy. This is vitamin B9 that affects the fact that the fetus is formed healthy at almost all stages of pregnancy. This substance is not produced by the human body, therefore it has to be obtained only from the outside.

Important: before use, consult your doctor about the dosage!

Iodine for pregnant women

Another important substance that any expectant mother needs is iodine. It is involved in the synthesis of hormones that are responsible for growth, metabolism, physical and mental development, mood and many other processes.

Inhabitants of many US cities do not have enough iodine: only those who live on the sea coasts receive a daily norm with water and food. Therefore, taking preventive doses of iodine preparations will help in the prevention of problems with the development of the baby.

Cream for stretch marks

You want to look 100% even during the period of gestation, but as your breasts and abdomen grow, stretch marks or striae may appear. To prevent their appearance, use a cream for stretch marks from the first weeks of pregnancy.

Maternity bra and inserts

As pregnancy progresses, a woman’s breasts increase in size and volume. So that this does not cause discomfort, you need to choose the most comfortable bra – with wide straps, breathable material and without underwire.

From the second half of pregnancy, women may experience colostrum leakage from the nipples, and pads will be needed for the bra to absorb colostrum and milk. They will keep things clean and dry.

Vitamins for expectant mothers

Not all women can boast of perfect health and adherence to the most rational diet. Vitamins for pregnant women will help to replenish the supply of nutrients that are actively spent on the growth and development of the fetus.

Omega acids for mom and baby

Omega-3 fatty acids will help the baby’s brain and all its cells to actively develop, and the mother maintains the beauty and health of the skin, hair and nails. They are especially actively consumed in the third trimester when the fetal brain is most actively developing.


Pressure is one of the main indicators of a pregnant woman’s health. Its rise is an alarming sign. To monitor your blood pressure and heart rate yourself, buy a blood pressure monitor. Regular measurements will help to assess the condition and notice problems in time.


As the abdomen grows, the back experiences more and more severe stress, and the skin on the abdomen is greatly stretched. To prevent back pain, stretch marks and discomfort, wear a bandage. There are two types of bandages: prenatal only or universal (before and after childbirth).

Means for the nasal mucosa

To treat rhinitis and nasal congestion during pregnancy, you can buy a device for rinsing with sea water or ordinary saline. It will also facilitate breathing with dryness, and will also help prevent ARVI through regular washing, moistening the mucous membrane and washing off the surface of viruses and microbes from it.

A survey among pregnant women about the most popular pharmacy ordering service

Based on the results of its research, Community Pregnancy Center has compiled a rating of the most popular online stores. Pharmacy Mall – canadianhealthcarepharmacymall.com became the leader in the category of pharmacy products.

The center has found out what Americans buy on the Internet and what they are guided by when choosing a service. The survey showed that, first of all, users pay attention to prices, reliability of an online store and assortment.

That is why millions of people use Pharmacy Mall to order pharmaceutical products: medicines, cosmetics, sports nutrition, medical products and equipment, lenses and glasses.


Pharmacy Mall allows you to save great money thanks to special prices, constant promotions and other great offers. The buyer does not need to look for information about discounts – the website has a corresponding section, where you can select the desired category.


The online pharmacy offers a wide selection of pregnancy items. Offline pharmacies have a lower range of products. Here you can order not only medicines but also cosmetics of well-known cosmetic brands – many Americans and foreign cosmetic companies have become partners of the drugstore.


Pharmacy Mall works only with reliable suppliers and strictly observes all the rules for storing and transporting goods. There is no doubt about the quality of the goods presented on the store’s website – they all have the necessary documents, instructions, licenses and certificates.

Another advantage of this service is the convenience of choosing a product and the speed of delivery.

To find the desired product, you just need to enter a key phrase in the search bar. This could be the symptom, name, manufacturer, or active ingredient of the drug. The service will show all suitable products and offer articles on health, medicines.

The ordering process is easy for any PC user, even inexperienced ones.

You can place an order not only from a computer but also from a smartphone – the pharmacy has a convenient mobile application. Besides, you can place an order or consult a pharmacist online around the clock.

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