Pregnancy Symptoms

The earliest and most reliable sign of pregnancy is a delay in menstruation for women with a regular menstrual cycle. However, there are other early signs of pregnancy that you should also pay attention to.

During pregnancy, obstetric and embryonic terms are distinguished.

Gynecologists count the obstetric period from the first day of the last menstruation, due to a simpler calculation, since it is difficult to determine the exact date of ovulation and conception.

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How the first pregnancy symptoms manifest themselves?

Each woman is individual, which means that the first signs of pregnancy are not always identical. In this connection, it is difficult to notice the first symptoms that may occur even before the delay.

The complete absence of early symptoms of being pregnant in the first weeks is very rare, and this is due to an increased level of sensitivity of the woman’s body to hCG (a human chorionic gonadotropin by the embryo in the first 14 days of its development).

Since such a condition is not often monitored, in most cases, it is still not difficult to notice the period of the first symptoms of pregnancy.

Among which a woman has:

At the same time, you may notice other signs of pregnancy:

Thus, if you crave new food, lose interest in certain foods or drinks that you used to like, for example, tea, coffee or fatty foods, you have a more sensitive sense of smell than usual, for example, the smell of food or cooking irritates you, you often visit the toilet – talk to your doctor.

If you are sick all the time and can’t suppress anything, contact a therapist. You may have hyperemesis of pregnancy – a serious illness during pregnancy that causes severe vomiting and requires treatment.

Can be pregnancy during menstruation?

Pregnant women sometimes have bleeding, similar to very light menstruation, like spotting. This is called “implantation bleeding”, which women confuse with real menstruation. This condition does not require treatment and, moreover, the appointment of hormonal drugs – progesterone.

However, implantation bleeding stops a little earlier than menstruation.

And this is due to the fact that the fertilized egg, trying to attach to the wall of the uterus, causes small blood secretions.

Therefore, we can say with confidence that there is no pregnancy in the presence of menstruation. If the usual menstruation went, it means that the egg was not fertilized.

The delay of menstruation without concomitant symptoms is also not the main sign of pregnancy. Since the reason may also lie in the failure of a woman’s hormonal background, which is provoked by stress, nervous overstrain, heavy physical exertion or gynecological pathologies.

It is always very important to listen to your well-being and visit a gynecologist in a timely manner – this will help not only not to miss the first signs of pregnancy, but also gynecological pathologies.

What to do if you find the first symptoms of pregnancy?

If you have found unambiguous signs of pregnancy in the first two weeks, you need to contact a gynecologist.

If the pregnancy is confirmed, it is necessary to listen to the doctor’s recommendations, get rid of bad habits (if any) and adjust the correct diet.

Do not forget during pregnancy about scheduled visits to the gynecologist, which are prescribed by the doctor individually.

Scheduled appointments of ultrasound studies, tests, control – are within the competence of the gynecologist monitoring the pregnancy.

During pregnancy, three planned ultrasounds are prescribed – once in the first trimester, in the second and in the third.

Additional unscheduled ultrasound examinations of the pregnant woman can also be carried out, according to individual indications. This should not frighten you, as it is so necessary to make timely decisions in order to avoid certain complications.

Comprehensive support for women during pregnancy, qualified organization and support of childbirth is the main specialization of the maternity hospital, where all young mothers receive full medical care with an individual approach of doctors.