What Causes Miscarriage?

A woman treats the news of being pregnant with special temptation. A new life begins to develop inside her, which will soon be born and will become the main meaning of her existence for the coming years. However, a miscarriage at an early stage is able to cancel impossible dreams and postpone a successful birth for an indefinite period.

When the miscarriage occurs before 12 weeks of its development in the womb, 1 out of 5 women does not yet know about the upcoming motherhood. This does not make the process of loss less painful emotionally and physically. But after learning about a failed pregnancy and contacting a doctor, a woman can determine the causes of a miscarriage to prevent a similar situation in the future.

Early miscarriage – what does a miscarriage look like?

What does science define by the term “miscarriage”? From the gynecological point of view, this is the process of spontaneous termination of pregnancy up to 22 weeks, when the weight parameters of the embryo do not exceed 0.5 kg. If a baby developing in the womb weighs 500 grams, then doctors can save it and give a premature baby the opportunity for a happy life. If the weight is less than this indicator, then the struggle for the life of a newborn baby is meaningless. As mentioned above, early miscarriage is often not felt by a woman. All she notices is a slight delay in the menstrual cycle and increased blood flow when menstruation occurs, accompanied by serious pain.

Discomfort and painful symptoms can be soothed by taking painkillers and nettle infusion. However, in some cases they are powerless, so contacting a doctor is the only correct solution in this situation. Analyzing the causes of miscarriage, you will surely remember how, along with your monthly period, a plentiful blood clot came out of you. It was it than became the main symptom of spontaneous expulsion of the fetus by the body.

When a clot exits, it is important to see a doctor immediately. After the examination, the specialist will tell you if there are any remains of the fetus inside you. In this case, an early miscarriage requires cleaning the uterus to remove traces of embryo decay from it and prevent the subsequent development of infection.

With a miscarriage up to 12 weeks, a woman’s body seems to give a signal that she is not ready for a full-fledged pregnancy. Or that the parents have health problems that need to be eliminated. Consult a doctor to find out the causes of the pathology. The specialist will conduct an examination, prescribe a set of preventive, therapeutic and supportive procedures, after which it will be possible to start talking about pregnancy and childbirth again.

Causes of miscarriage

Among the most common causes of miscarriage, problems of various etiologies can be noted. Among them, there are:

Other factors are unfavorable ecology, harmful working conditions, unbalanced nutrition.

There are also causes of miscarriage based on stress, depressive states, nervous moods of the expectant mother. Even at the stage of pregnancy planning, parents should change the usual rhythm of life in order to exclude all negative factors from it. This truth is especially true for women. In order not to provoke a miscarriage at an early stage, she must get rid of bad habits, addiction to coffee, alcohol, smoking. She needs to rest more, get enough sleep, eat properly and rationally, walk more and breathe fresh air.