Just For Guys

So, you think she’s pregnant?  Community Pregnancy Center knows dealing with an unexpected pregnancy is confusing and stressful for guys, too.  If your girlfriend thinks she might be pregnant, the first thing you need to do is find out that she really is pregnant and learn about your options.  We provide confidential and free pregnancy tests, along with many support services.  CPC is here to help both of you make an informed decision.

Here is some guidance you may find helpful:

Calm yourself.  You and your girlfriend may feel scared and stressed, however, it’s important to take a step back and not react hastily.  Education is power, so take time to look together at all your options.  Don’t make a decision out of fear or uncertainty that alters her life and yours forever.

Open your ears, your mouth, and your heart.  Really listen to your girlfriend’s thoughts and fears – she needs to know she’s not alone. Express yourself honestly – initial feelings of anger, fear, and frustration are normal, but don’t direct these feelings at your girlfriend.   You will do better working together as a team.

Understand that your girlfriend is already being overwhelmed by hormone changes that can get in the way of making good decisions.  Your support will reassure her that you care and help lead both of you to making an informed decision.

Remain by her side.  This is not the time to bail – the more you run from this, the harder it becomes to think and act clearly.

Avoid pressuring her.  Applying pressure will only push her away and push her into a hasty decision she may regret.

Get wise counsel from knowledgeable sources.  Community Pregnancy Center has no financial stake in your decision, so we can help you examine all of your options honestly and supply you with information to make the best decision

Expect to be part of the solution.  She’s carrying the baby, but you are both parents. Don’t be pressured to give up and let circumstances control you and the future of those you care about.  What you do counts.  She has several options before her and you should be part of the process to research your options and help her make an informed decision.