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Many guys have a situation when their girlfriend says: “Honey, it seems to me that I am pregnant!”. Usually, guys are not ready for this event. They get scared, do stupid things, run away… But in vain. After all, most often this phrase is pronounced when there is no pregnancy at all.

Why do girls lie about being pregnant? What are they trying to achieve? How should a young man behave in such a situation? How can you check the fact of pregnancy? You will find all the answers in our guide!

Lies about pregnancy to check whether you have a serious relationship

Probably the most common reason for lies about pregnancy is a test of a relationship. This fact worries every girl, she wants to be sure that the guy loves her and is ready to start a family.

Why are girls not afraid to lie like that? Very simple. If there is actually no pregnancy, then you can always tell the man later that her period was simply late. Or the pregnancy test was expired. Or she was just wrong. In general, there are a lot of ways to explain why she made a mistake.

What should a man do if his girlfriend says that she thinks she’s pregnant? If you heard such a phrase, then know that the lady first of all wants you to calm her fears. But you should not lie back and pretend to run and shout: “Hooray, I will become a dad!”. They won’t believe you. It is enough to calmly answer something like yes, you are young now and would not like to have children yet, but you love her very much, and if she is really pregnant, then in no case will you leave her and will gladly become a dad. These words will be an excellent confirmation of the seriousness of your intentions and reassure your soulmate immediately.

The girl says she is pregnant to get revenge

Another very common reason when girls like to lie about pregnancy is resentment. For example, you broke up on your initiative. You’ve found another girlfriend. The girl is upset, she feels bad and she decides to take revenge. The easiest way is to tell you that you will soon become a dad!

What a wonderful way to spoil your mood and play on your nerves! Do not panic, but ask for evidence. The instructions will be given below. The main thing to remember is that if you were informed about the pregnancy immediately after you broke up with your girlfriend, then you should not panic. With a very high probability, they just want to make you nervous as revenge.

Lie about being pregnant to get married

There is a category of girls who are trying to achieve their selfish goals with their pseudopregnancy. A girl meets a young man, has sex with him, and then confronts the fact – “Oh, I’m pregnant!”. After that, the young man is told about a positive pregnancy test (she can even bring you a test). In general, the lady creates a complete illusion that pregnancy has definitely happened. There are several typical reasons for such self-serving lies.

The first is that the girl really wants to get married. Well, sometimes they have such a wild desire, especially in their youth. In this case, they will constantly hint at the wedding, say that the child needs a dad, cite as examples their girlfriends who got married due to an unexpected pregnancy and live normally. It is clear that if a lady is really pregnant, then every decent man is obliged to marry. But if the lady is not pregnant, then it is not necessary to marry a blackmailer. And here you need to fund out the truth. And do you know how it happens? The girl tells the guy that she is pregnant. They get married for this reason, and then the girl says: “Oh, I had a miscarriage!”. But it’s too late, my friend. You are already married. And you live on with the unpleasant feeling that you were simply fooled.

Bringing to light a lady who has firmly decided to marry you is not an easy task. If you follow only words and do not check anything yourself, you risk losing several years, or even living your whole life with an unloved person. Do you want it?

The girl says that she is pregnant in order to… earn

Some girls lie about pregnancy as they want to earn money. Yes, I’m not kidding! Things usually go like this. The girl says that she is pregnant, and then she tells the man that she is not yet ready or does not want to have children. And she’s going to have an abortion. What follows is a story that money is needed for an abortion. In general, the young man is ready to give money. And after a couple of days or weeks, the girl says that everything is okay.

In fact, she just decided to make money. Moreover, most likely you are not the first victim of the extortionist. Some girls like to earn extra money on inexperienced boys.

Again, our main problem in this case is only one – how can you check that the girl is really pregnant and not lying?

Could my girlfriend even get pregnant?

There are several cases in which pregnancy is extremely unlikely. If you find your situation below, then most likely you are definitely being fooled.

My girlfriend thinks she’s pregnant. How can I check it?

Finally, we share some simple tips that will help you check whether a girl is pregnant or not. So, as soon as you are confronted with an unpleasant fact, pregnant community members recommend that you act in one or all of the following ways: